Fringe Benefits — Employee Annual Get Fit Fair Takes off With More Flair

Chair Massage

Fringe Benefits — Employee Annual Get Fit Fair Takes off With More Flair

Say goodbye to snoozapalooza annual employee health fairs, with those boring blood pressure cuffs and finger pricks to check the old cholesterol. This year, Mizner is turning that on its head as employees will be treated to a more interactive fair — best of all, this benefit is compliments of the insurance company, not a club expense.  The club and the members reap all the rewards of a happier, healthier staff.

We all know that healthier is happier and things at Mizner are about to get a lot more joyful as the annual employee “Get Fit Fair” takes off on Thursday, July 19, 2018.

“This is all part of our wellness fund,” said Shelley Komitor, Director of Human Resources for the Club. “It’s a win-win for everyone. It’s a fun event for the employees, and if we have healthy employees ultimately it saves money in our medical insurance premiums and it improves member services.  When the employees know that Mizner members care about them, it improves overall morale.”

This year instead of the usual check-ups and lectures, vendors will come in and share all the fun stuff of a living healthy lifestyle. Employees will be treated to chair massages, reflexology, acupuncture and workout demonstrations including yoga and Pilates — some by its own trainers.

Some of the vendors include:

  • Golden Spa & Massage
  • Stretch Zone
  • The Bio Station
  • Peerfit Program

Employees will have the opportunity to win prizes provided by the vendors.

“The fair will be set up as a series of vendor booths,” said Shelley. “Employees will have a passport card, and for each booth they visit, they’ll get stamped. Once the employee acquires five stamps, they can be entered to win one of 10-15 prizes.”

According to Shelley, about 75 employees will participate in the event which will take place Thursday, July 19 from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM and culminates with a healthy lunch and dessert in the dining room area.

“This year’s ’Get Fit Fair’ is more interactive and more focused on the individual — it’s geared toward personal care. These are the kind of events that show just how important the employees are to Mizner,” expresses Shelley. “It’s also a great team building event. It gets us all thinking about ways to be healthier and with our participation in the annual Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer walks coming up in the fall, it’s a way to start thinking about how we can all start preparing for them.”

For more information about the Get Fit Fair contact Shelley at Human Resources at (561) 288-3331.