Designed for Luxe Living: 4 Interior Design Trends You Can Do Now

Interior design trends in Delray Beach

Designed for Luxe Living: 4 Interior Design Trends You Can Do Now

Interior design, like all design, is unique to the individual. Although it is a very subjective process, there will always be some trends making their way through homes. Our homes at Mizner Country Club are built and designed to last through the ages. With every family making their house a home through their personal design, we wanted to share some current trends for inspiration:

When it comes to interior design and decor, each home is unique. With so many different design trends, no two rooms are styled alike. Incorporating new interior design trends doesn’t mean that you have to change the entire look of your home. Here are 4 current design trends you can try and give your space a fresh look.

Bringing Plants Indoors

The color green represents hope, life and safety. Something everyone would like to incorporate into their home. Over the past few years, homeowners have been bringing plants into their homes as decorations. However, there are also practical benefits such as increasing productivity by 15%. Greenery can be hung or planted and can act as a centerpiece or accent other furniture.

Smart Technology

With smartphones along came other smart devices—garages, locks, curtains, assistants, cameras. This technology has been welcomed in many homes, including some in our neighborhood. Whether for security reasons, such as a motion detection camera that sends alerts to your phone. Or, for convenience like asking Alexa to set a timer for 10 minutes. Smart technology has improved our lives, and our homes, while adding a modern style element.      

Statement Ceiling and Floors

The focal point of the room used to be a piece of furniture, but now, it’s what you see when you look up and down. Statement chandeliers, painted ceiling and elaborate tiles are making their way into living and bedrooms. Opting for something a little less permanent, you can utilize the same concept but with statement rugs and lighting fixtures.

Modern Farmhouse

Chip and Joanna Gaines from “Fixer Upper” have made items usually found next to cattle, now chic. Reclaimed wood tables, kitchenware ready to show off on an open shelf and shiplap panels. Many pieces are easily available at your favorite furniture store. Even swapping out your current lighting fixtures for lanterns, creates a cozy environment.