Mizner Cares: A New Way to Lend a Hand and Give Back

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Mizner Cares: A New Way to Lend a Hand and Give Back

The “Mizner Cares” Committee is a relatively new organization at the Country Club. A vehicle that gives the residents of Mizner an opportunity to connect with the community and give a little something back.

For Susan Citron-Lyman, it started with the notion of gratitude. It was about realizing what you have and having an innate calling to give back. Recognizing that many other Mizner residents felt the same way, she began forming a committee to carry out a mission.

“Our main goal is hands-on community service,” said Citron-Lyman. “We don’t have a lot of meetings. There’s no cost to the membership. These are volunteers from Mizner’s Club membership.”

Their motto: Make a Difference

Their mission: To rally Mizner members to help employees and the surrounding community in their time of need; assisting individuals who suffer from hardship, natural disaster, illness, and other extraordinary occurrences.

For Citron-Lyman, that means hands-on. It’s not about writing a check, it’s about doing something.

So far, the group which also includes a few of Mizner’s caring juniors has started off with a blood drive in December. They actually broke the bank with residents donating 20-25 pints of blood. According to Citron-Lyman, a typical good blood drive will bring in about 12 pints.

They also helped to get the word out about Go Fund Me pages that were started to raise funds for Mizner employees in need. However, Mizner Cares itself did not organize those pages, as they’re not a 501c3. Their primary goal is not raising funds but community involvement.

Currently, the juniors on the Mizner Cares Committee are collecting perishable foods for a local food pantry. Over 150 pounds of food were donated on the first of 2 drop-offs. Citron-Lyman would also like to organize a team in making prepared food to bring to an organization to distribute.

Although they’re only in the beginning stages, Mizner Cares has the support and potential to make a large impact on the local community. They have already made a significant impact on a number of lives thus far.

Members interested in getting involved are encouraged to call the Front Desk for more information. Press inquiries, please email [email protected].