Feeling Safe and Secure at Home

Feeling Safe and Secure at Home in Mizner Country Club

Feeling Safe and Secure at Home

Recently, Mizner’s security has been updated with a $400,000 technologically advanced redundant security system that includes a series of infrared cameras and military grade ground sensors. That investment has given Mizner Security significant improvements to gate access control and the ability to continuously monitor the perimeter around the clock from the Gatehouse Command Center, even during periods of power outages.

According to Gordon Llewellyn, Mizner’s Director of Security, “It’s like having an additional 80 automated security guards watching the perimeter 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” In the coming months, more ground sensors will be added, beefing up those numbers.

“While the ground sensors are just released technology in the civilian security market, they are a proven technology with more than 50,000 sensor emplacements worldwide,” said Llewellyn.

Step into the Mizner Security Command Center, and it looks more like NASA than your average security station at any other gated community.

“Mizner Country Club is the ONLY country club resort community in the US that has these ground sensors. Mizner is leading the pace in this whole area of tactical security,” he said.

While having an advanced system is a huge benefit, Llewellyn said that having a team of well-trained experts is even more critical to the overall security of the Mizner residents.

The Mizner security team is made up of strategically trained former law enforcement officers, military personnel and recent criminal justice graduates. Llewellyn himself is former US Marine, specializing in surveillance and reconnaissance.

They are also very much steeped in a culture of preparedness and situational awareness. You might call it Llewellyn’s mantra — “Tactical Security.”

“Our team is trained on tactical response, trained on patterns of movement, trained on using our technology and lock and hold procedures to manage the bad guys into police custody,” said Llewellyn. “We have spent weeks working with Palm Beach Sheriff to provide a planned and coordinated response action with local law enforcement.”

  Llewellyn’s Brand of Security — Tactical Security

The new, emerging generation of security, according to Llewelyn, is tactical security.

“It’s all about finding the threat before it finds our residents,” said Llewellyn.

“Mizner’s thermal cameras and ground sensors give our team more than 90 listening and observation posts that secure and harden the perimeter,” he said. “This is unparalleled anywhere in Florida — really, anywhere in the country.”

Sensors and cameras can alert the team to trespassers coming into the direction of the Club from up to a half-mile away.

“We know the difference between a four-legged dog out roaming, a giant palm frond falling and two bad guys who don’t belong out there,” he said.

“The combined redundancy of this set of advanced warning technology is going to tell us when somebody is moving in and around our perimeter before they even get across the golf course,” said Llewellyn. “We’re looking out into the perimeter of the property, it’s how we’re going to keep these people off our streets.”

Keeping them out is just what the team has accomplished.

“While no system is foolproof, we have been demonstrating that success for almost two years,” said Llewellyn.

Llewellyn doesn’t take all the credit. He said that it’s the triple threat — residents working in cooperation with Mizner Security and Mizner Country Club’s HOA and management that has been winning the war on crime.

“The combined efforts of residents to secure their vehicles and properties and the capabilities of our security upgrades at the gates and on the perimeter has virtually eliminated criminal activity on the property,” said Llewellyn. “The safety of our residents, families and employees is our number one priority.”