We’re Here for You: Virtual Grocery Shopping

Mizner Country Club Craftmart Concierge Grocery Shopping

We’re Here for You: Virtual Grocery Shopping

Mizner brings you the ultimate solution to shopping for essentials combining safety, convenience, and quality—Craftmart.


When life brings our members lemons, we bring them champagne! That’s the idea behind Craftmart. What is Craftmart? Think convenience store with concierge service!


Here’s how it works:


  1. Members view Craftmart’s selection of essentials online through a private internal website, ranging from baked goods, dairy, and paper products, to the stuff you really can’t do without, including beer, wine, pizza, and prime cuts of meat. After shopping and submitting their order, a team member at the Club receives their email and calls to confirm their order.
  2. The member schedules a time for pick-up or delivery.
  3. When their pick-up time arrives, the shopper will bring the bags to the car or everything can be delivered right to their door with minimal contact.


It’s that simple. Craftmart combines the convenience of a neighborhood gourmet market and the one-on-one personalized service of a home shopping service.


Craftmart is just one of a whole suite of Mizner services-gone-digital we’ve developed with our members in mind. Stay tuned for announcements regarding online access to our pro shop, fitness and tennis center, and links to virtual exercise and yoga classes via our Youtube channel.


For membership information, feel free to contact our Membership Director, Marie Mitchalk, at 561-288-3300 or email at [email protected].