New “Culinary Lab” Program Helps Elevate Team

Mizner Country club Culinary Lab Program

New “Culinary Lab” Program Helps Elevate Team

Club’s F&B Team Eligible For “The Certified Culinarian” Certification

The latest educational program from Mizner Country Club focuses on empowering its Culinary and Food & Beverage teams. The Culinary Lab, was created to engage and educate Mizner employees with culinary experiences outside the kitchen, including trips to food and beverage-related industries like local farms and companies that partner with Mizner.

Larry S. Savvides, Mizner Country Club’s General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, explains, “The Culinary Lab is open to all our Culinary and Food & Beverage employees who wish to participate.  Every month we organize an activity or training based on a culinary theme. Team members who complete the 12-month program are eligible to apply for certification from the American Culinary Federation with Mizner backing. If they participate in all 12 courses, at the end of the year, Mizner funds the costs of the certification and course fee. This is just another step in our commitment to provide the tools and resources for our employees to grow within their field with our support.  For instance, the program started with ‘Farm to Table,’ a visit to Fresh Point’s warehouse and their micro-farm.”

Among the organized experiences are digital masterclasses on topics like the “Farm to Table” concept and other current trends, as well as site visits to various entities such as old-world bakeries. Says Jessica Esteves, Mizner’s Hospitality Trainer, “The mindset behind the program is to enrich the work experience beyond ‘9-5’ and empower our team to achieve their goals.”

One of the creators of the Mizner program, along with Mizner’s Human Relations department, Executive Chef Hannah Flora-Mihajlovic, notes that a particular goal of the Culinary Lab is to give the team a greater understanding of the importance of sustainability. This way they can share their knowledge with the membership. She notes, “Local is always better. Supporting our farms and creating connections is a relationship that I am proud to be able to extend to our team at Mizner. Coming up, we will tour our meat purveyors, so participants can learn about the process of our fresh-cut chops and steaks for the club. In between our field trips, we will show masterclasses and webinars from successful businesses and the industries outside of our scope.”

So far Mizner has over 20 employees signed up for the program.

“I am hoping that our employees will gain a better understanding of the importance of our industry and the facets involved. With hospitality ever-changing, we need to constantly adapt to the world around us which allows us to grow both as a Club and individually. The Culinary Lab will help our employees gain a wealth of knowledge necessary to carry with them in their future endeavors,” said Chef Hannah.

Savvides concludes, “At Mizner, we’re always raising the bar for our staff. We aspire to be the standard by which others are judged, while always staying true to our values as a Club. This program is another example of how we strive to set our team apart through knowledge, understanding, adapting and growth.”