Mizner Makes the “Best” of Social Distancing with its DIGITAL COUNTRY CLUB

Mizner Country Club Gone Digital

Mizner Makes the “Best” of Social Distancing with its DIGITAL COUNTRY CLUB

At Mizner, we have always prided ourselves on using technology to connect our members to Club information so they can connect face to face. Little did we know, we were preparing them for what was to come. Since digital is the only form of connection these days, we’re fortunate that the learning curve wasn’t too steep to implement a fully digital country club experience…which is exactly what has been accomplished. We may have to isolate, but at least we can do it together! How? Mizner has made it easy. We’ve launched an astonishing (if we do say so ourselves) array of digital and virtual services for our members. Here’s a sample of what’s available to them at the click of a mouse:


  • Eat, drink, enjoy! CRAFTMART delivers everything from household essentials to gourmet items right to members’ doorstep. CENTRAL prepares on-demand delicious lunch, dinner, sushi, even Sunday family dinner menus, for pickup or delivery.
  • Keep it real on MIZNER’S FACEBOOK LIVE group provides members with exclusive access to live, interactive tutorials, lectures, and demos on fitness, storytelling, tennis, golf, cooking—hosted by Mizner’s top-shelf professional staff.
  • Sweat it out with Mizner’s live fitness webinar classes, including YOGA and Technogym-hosted demos and discussion of the latest training techniques, workouts, and the science of fitness.
  • Binge-watch-weary members can Zoom into the wide, wonderful world of Mizner entertainment, including trivia parties, virtual art walks, and live music.


Seem like a lot? You bet it is! Mizner members can access, organize, and plan via the Mizner APP and the Mizner FLIPBOOK, which includes a full list of services and suggestions of ways to stay healthy, happy, and productive (Take a look: Click Here).