Dog Days of Summer


Dog Days of Summer

Summer is officially here! When the days are long and the sun hangs high, staying cool is the name of the game—and that goes for our four-legged friends too. Keeping your family’s pooch in mind can ensure they’re having a doggone good time all year long.

Here are a few ways to keep your furry friends happy and yappy this summer:

Be aware of the rising temps

Being around your favorite furball can bring joy to both you and others, but sometimes not to your pet’s feet. Asphalt is always hotter than the outside air and can hold heat in for hours. A good rule of thumb is to check the ground with the back of your hand. If you can hold it there for more than 10 seconds, you’re good! If not, you may want to stay on the grass or wait awhile. And of course, always bring plenty of water to keep your canine cool outdoors.

Always use a leash

Trusting your furry family member to be off-leash is great for predictable scenarios. However, going for a walk around Mizner Country Club’s facilities, uncertainty may be around the corner—if not for your dog, for someone else’s. Out of respect for other members, both pet-free and pet-friendly, always leash up your labradoodle.  

Doggy degrees

Training your terrier can be beneficial for a variety of reasons. Keeping your beautiful home free of tinkles and dollops gives you the confidence to leave your dog home alone. Along with being house trained, there are other commands that can greatly benefit your pooch. Teaching them how to be well-mannered, confident and friendly will make sure your pal is a good dog citizen and welcome wherever pets are allowed. If going out to an obedience school is inconvenient, there are many trainers that will come to you, educating both you and your furry friend at home.

Make the most of the Mizner lifestyle

Did you know the average street length in Mizner Country Club is a ½ mile? Perfect distance for a couple laps of exercise (for you both!). We’re also vendor friendly here at Mizner, so feel free to bring in your mobile groomer or trainer. You and your favorite canine will never even have to leave the premises to get in your daily workouts and pampering!