What’s New at Mizner this year? A Fresh Playground


What’s New at Mizner this year? A Fresh Playground

Drive into Mizner and head straight back, deep into the neighborhood and you’ll find the new playground.

“The existing playground was one that the builder had put in nearly 18 years ago,” said resident Staci Zellen, Homeowner’s Association committee member. “It had a structure that was for kids ages two to five. The problem was that it was boring — the older kids were quickly outgrowing it.”

Zellen also said that the old playground had mulch as its base, which isn’t great for playing in. We all know the feeling of getting mulch stuck in your sneakers and coming down a slide and landing in mulch — no thank you very mulch.

The playground now has more for older kids while still engaging the little ones.

“This system gives kids things to climb on, swing and slide,” said Zellen. “All kinds of things that will entice kids of all ages 2-12 and even older. Now everyone can enjoy the things it has to offer. It meets the needs of all the kids — and grandkids in the community.”

Now the base of the playground has thick foam padding for kids to run on — no more scratchy mulch. As well, a lovely canopy overhead provides shade, making the park comfortable even during the hot summer months, so important here in South Florida.

Since the playground had already been budgeted, there was no additional cost to the residents.

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