Getting That Fall Feeling in Florida

Fall interior design ideas

Getting That Fall Feeling in Florida

As the temperatures drop from low 80s to low the 70s, the hint of change is in the air (however slight). Floridians may have to wait for the next cold front to experience the true autumn atmosphere, but until then, changing things around the house can help usher in a change in spirit. Here are some of our favorite fall decor ideas:

Scented Candles

Scents bring us back to moments, places and memories of days gone by. Of course, the earthy smells that fall into the air with the leaves don’t always make their way to South Florida. But, luckily candle purveyors have bottled them for us. Whether you want your home to have hints of pumpkin pie or the smokiness of a campfire, discover a fall scent that makes your heart warm and light it aglow.

Table Runners

It’s no secret that delicious food brings people together. Sharing a meal over a table facilitates conversations and creates memories for years to come. Consider decorating your dining area to reflect the change of season, bringing the cozy feelings of fall inside. A new fall-inspired table runner, whether bold or basic, is a simple swap that can make a dramatic difference. And if you want to take it one step further, adjust your whole dining set.

Autumn Details

Decorating truly comes down to the details. Think: wreath on the door, a bowl filled with pine cones, scattered mini pumpkins and gourds. Little pieces like these can transform a space. Changing the colors and textures within the house to match the tones of fall helps you bring the change of season indoors.

Seasonal Pillows & Blankets

Accent pillows and throw blankets add a homey touch to any interior decor, and they’re an easy addition to your seasonal lineup. Go for warm, dusky hues or seasonally patterned prints. Choose options that match your existing style, and you can’t go wrong.

Whether you go for a few small details or a complete interior overhaul, decorating (like beauty!) is in the eye of the beholder. Surprise your loved ones with a few new autumn touches this year, or better yet, get the family together and make a day of it. Either way, your friends at Mizner wish you and yours a lovely fall season!