Members Benefit from On-Site Security Upgrades


Members Benefit from On-Site Security Upgrades

Mizner holds the security of its members in the highest regard. In fact, one of the many benefits of being a member of Mizner Country Club is the 24•7•365 security monitoring of the property and perimeter. We met with Major Gordon Llewellyn to learn more about the services.

Recently, the security services have been improved exponentially to include state-of-the-art perimeter intrusion detection capabilities and expanded entrance and exit gate management. Currently, led by U.S. military veteran leadership, the Mizner Security team is on service 24 hours a day at its recently renovated Gatehouse Command Center and on regular vehicle roving patrols.

The resident gate entry is now a double secure trap gate system to ensure transponder entries are monitored and controlled to prevent unauthorized tailgating.

Mizner’s Director of Security, Gordon Llewellyn, explains, “Since 2017, The Mizner’s security capabilities include certification by The Palm Beach Sheriff (PBSO) as one of only eleven locations in Palm Beach County qualified and designated as a Private Security Alarm Site (PSAS).

The PSAS designation requires annual compliance inspections by PBSO, licensed, vetted and armed security officers, central alarm monitoring capabilities, and alarm response protocols coordinated with PBSO.  The PSAS capabilities of the Mizner Security team save residents thousands of dollars per year alone in false alarm response fines that would be otherwise assessed by Palm Beach County. A coordinated response between Mizner Security and PBSO deputies ensures that Mizner residents receive the fastest and most responsive alarm response capabilities offered in Palm Beach County.

Director Llewellyn adds: “Since April of this year, the Mizner perimeter has been equipped with dozens of listening and observation points facilitated by state-of-the-art ground sensor and night vision camera technology. We have significantly expanded our capability to monitor and respond to intrusion attempts without adding additional personnel.”

In the words of an independent national security company that just completed validation testing on the Mizner perimeter, “The ground sensors installed at Mizner will resolve previously unmitigated vulnerabilities to our community,” said Llewellyn. He validates that testing by Cambridge Security Services went on to report that the sensor technology is most effective when coordinated into a “more comprehensive security envelope that includes cameras” as was implemented at Mizner by the Master HOA this past spring. Major Llewellyn also mentioned that Mizner’s children’s playground is now monitored by closed-circuit TV at all times. Primary public access areas around the Club and the gatehouse are also live view monitored by the Mizner Security Command Center at all times.

Below are night vision images from a test intrusion by Cambridge Security Services at Mizner Country Club.








Our General Manager Larry Savvides attests, “During last year’s hurricane events, the Mizner Security team was on site and active 24/7 throughout the storm and recovery operations.” He adds, “The security team at Mizner is both professional and service oriented. They go beyond the call of duty.”

Added peace of mind is priceless when it comes to our families and loved ones.