Mizner Country Club, Not the Biggest — Just the Best!


Mizner Country Club, Not the Biggest — Just the Best!

There’s an old adage that “Bigger is Better. ” While it’s absolutely true with things like diamonds, chocolate cake, and monster trucks – does it also hold up when we’re talking country clubs?

While Mizner Country Club may be smaller than many of Palm Beach country clubs, their bigger size doesn’t leave Mizner standing in their shadows!

In fact, according to the people who live, work and play at the Club, Mizner Country Club’s size is perfect. It gives Mizner the exclusivity and boutique status that actually depends on its stature.

Mizner exudes a certain warmth that can only come from being a smaller tight-knit, caring community. We pride ourselves on being inclusive, and it’s exactly our size that allows us to be everything we intend to be — One Mizner!

But don’t take it from us…here’s what the experts are saying:

Meet newbie residents, Bebert Azran and his wife Sharon, who have lived at Mizner for just one year. Azran is a self-described, ‘certified land cruiser’. For Bebert, life at Mizner is like being on a permanent cruise — with golf.

azran (002)

“You feel like you’re on a cruise! it’s a cruise on land, a big cruise — but you don’t get seasick,” said Azran.

For Bebert everyday living is a living vacation, and he wouldn’t change a thing.

Bebert and Sharon hit the ground running when they moved in. They were struck by the immediate connection they had with their new neighbors.

“The people were super friendly,” said Azran. “On the first day we moved in we were sitting at lunch. People kept coming up and introducing themselves. Pople even asked us to join them for lunch. We were invited to dinner, others invited me to play golf.”

They knew they had found home.

“You don’t have time to do everything,” he said. “Our social calendar is nuts, filled with all new people — I’m not talking about our regular friends and family, just the new people that we’ve meet.”

For Bebert, size matters. “Mizner was perfect for us, small and boutiquey. It fit our lifestyle,” said Azran “You’re not buying a house, you’re buying a whole lifestyle; the camaraderie, the boutiquey feel, the great restaurants, the great bars — but even with all that, it’s the people who really make it.”

People like bartender Valerie Blokker who understand the concept of giving members a personalized experience. For Blokker, it just comes naturally.

Blokker has been at the Club for eight years. As a solid New Englander, she loves a challenge. For her it was the Grille Room, believe it or not, “back in the day with Toll Brothers it was a ghost town.”

“I set it out as a personal challenge,” said Blokker. “I thought that the room was great, but nobody sat in it. I didn’t understand why.”

Blokker went about personally inviting people into the room.

Her method was so simple, it was genius, a game-changer.

By making the experience personal and warm, by taking the time to engage the membership, by inviting each guest to come on in and sit down, relax and enjoy that space, they started coming back — in droves. The update to the lounge area, now called the One Mile Bar & Grille, also made a huge difference. Eventually, Blokker reports, they had to bring in more tables.

At Mizner it’s all about that personal touch, the fact that the club is smaller makes those connections more manageable. Blokker loves what she does. With her innate ability to read people and remember the details, she often anticipates member’s needs — sometimes before they do!

She knows who likes five olives in their martinis, who hates onions and who’s allergic to crab. In fact, she’s literally had to tell a member, “You can’t have that, it has nuts.”

It’s One Mizner and Blokker is one of the Mizner family.