Mizner Country Club Teams Up With The Burrito Project


Mizner Country Club Teams Up With The Burrito Project


Mizner Country Club’s Golf Shop decided to do a little spring cleaning.  Not unusual, but this time they added a little something special. They created an aspiring Cleaning Sale.  What was different about this was if Mizner members brought their “gently” worn golf clothes” they would be donated to the Burrito Project of Lake Worth, and members would get discounts on the purchase of new apparel. Mizner Country Club’s Golf Shop collected over 300 pieces of clothing.

The Burrito Project is an undertaking by Randy Lewis, a volunteer with the South Florida Sanctuary of Lake Worth.  Randy who has faced several challenges in his past, is using the Burrito Project to help feed and clothe the homeless.  These volunteers gather every Saturday morning to prepare burritos and sort clothes to share with their homeless friends at the Church By the Glades Lake Worth. According to the South Florida Sanctuary’s website, “No burrito skills necessary – we provide on-the-job training! We roll burritos and make sandwiches on-site and then share some good food, some clean clothes, some laughs, some tears, and a Bible study with whoever wants to listen.”

To date, The Burrito Project has rolled 49,920 Burritos, or 96 Burritos, once a week for the last 13 years.

Commenting on the Spring Sale, Dennis Rye, Mizner Country Club’s Director of Golf, said, “My family has personally volunteered many hours in helping Randy with the Burrito Project. He is an amazing individual who is doing a great service to the Lake Worth community. Randy is the reason we came up with this special sale event and to aid the community he serves. I am so appreciative of our members’ response to this effort.”

Mackenzie Lalov, Mizner’s Director of Membership, noted, “It is heartwarming to see not only our golfers but other members as well, support the Burrito Project. We are so pleased to be able to collect over 300 articles of clothing to help this incredible project.”

Mizner Country Club is one of Delray’s premier country club communities.
For more information visit https://miznercc.org.