Our Roving Reporter Asks

With the 2018 Master’s Tournament still fresh in our minds, we were curious as to how Mizner residents would respond to this question: If you could play a round with any golfer, whom would you pick and why?

Here’s a sampling of the responses:

Carol Bourne: “That’s easy—Jordan Spieth. Part of what I love about him is that he cares so much about people, particularly those individuals with disabilities. He has created a foundation for his disabled brother and other disabled people. Watching him in the final round of the Master’s was great. He made birdie after birdie and ended up in third place, shooting a 64.”

Sandy Schwab: “I’d pick Phil Mickelson. Every time I see him, he seems like such a nice person—he waves and interacts with the audience and isn’t the kind of golfer who walks around a tournament as though he is wearing blinders. He’s also a good family man.”

Howard Manasse: “I’d like to play with Jordan Spieth.” He’s got great technique, he seems like a nice guy, and is a family-oriented person. You always see his family at the tournaments.”

Bob Ehrlich: “My choice would be Jack Nicklaus. He’s an older golfer, which means he’s got wisdom. He’s also a legend and who wouldn’t want to meet the “Golden Bear.”


Finally, here’s how Stefan Brunt, our Director of Golf, responded: “Tiger Woods…because he’s the reason I do what I do for a living every day of my life. As a youth, I saw him play, and it changed my life. I went out and bought clubs and I guess the rest is history. He inspired me that first day I saw him.”


It just goes to show you, fantasy isn’t just for football! Thanks to those who participated in our roving reporter’s survey. Stay tuned for future interviews. Maybe you’ll be the next one asked.