Out with the Old and In with the Brand Spank’n New!

An Insider Look at Mizner’s Poolside Restaurant
The excitement continues to grow as the recent demolition of the Palazzo signals out with the old — and get ready for the new.
One of the most anticipated areas in the new Lifestyle Center will be the funky, fabulous Poolside Restaurant & Bar, designed by Pamela Manhas who sweats the small stuff — as in ALL the details.
Manhas is the architectural designer behind more than 100 restaurants including local favorites: Burt & Max’s Bar & Grille, Apeiro Kitchen & Bar, and Lucille’s Bad To The Bone BBQ. Now Manhas attempts to bring that flavor poolside, right here to Mizner.
She was bent on breaking the norm of country club “transitional style,” which attempts to please everyone, and instead, she takes a more significant leap, to bring residents a bolder, sleeker more modern place that better reflects the vivacious spirit of the Mizner community. Manhas wants this unique area to literally morph into the member’s favorite hangout, essentially becoming that comfy place, they’ll love to call their new digs.
“We approached this project as a destination restaurant, not your typical country club restaurant,” said Manhas. “We thought about features that are memorable, that people enjoy when going out to some of our most popular restaurants and then bringing it right into their backyards.”
The restaurant itself will be a circular shape which helps to really make the view of the pool more expansive with a massive patio for special events.
Manhas expects you to get a full-on sensory experience with all elemental feels — the water from the pool, the fire from the fire pit, the sounds of lively music mixed with the chatter and laughter of your neighbors and oh, the delicious aromas from the kitchen.
“We know the food will smell and taste good for sure,” said Manhas. “The music is a little louder than in a country club — but it’s that noise that creates energy. We want people to get that full experience. A tactile experience, touching and feeling the grain of the wood, the stone at the bar. Every piece of material has a lot of character from the textured wall coverings to the soft seating.”
Other design trends have been thoughtfully curated and blended in to create a place that residents can experience differently at different times of the day. Whether it’s relaxing poolside with the kids or flying social butterfly style at cocktail hour catching up with friends. It’s one that is always meant to be fluid and focused, that readily lends itself to movement and conversation.
To see more renovation renderings, visit us at https://miznercc.org/renovation/.
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