Life at Mizner — Connection that’s Perfect for Millennials

Life at Mizner — Connection that’s Perfect for Millennials

They have built social platforms to stay in constant connection with family and friends; sharing their thoughts, feelings, and photos of their fabulous dinners online. But Millennials, the first generation to be fully immersed in technology, are perhaps missing one colossal thing from this consistent connectivity — the actual connection they crave.

This may be why buying into a country club lifestyle, like Mizner, is ideally suited for Millennials.

Ready for Some Real FaceTime?

Authentic, civic-minded and socially responsible, Millennials are ready to make their offline experiences rich, rewarding and meaningful. Mizner provides a lifestyle that’s filled with social engagement. One that aligns with what matters to Millennials most:

• Family
• Homeownership
• Community
• Work-Life balance
• Convenience

Mizner County Club — A Top Place for Millennials

Born between 1981 and 1996, Millennials are 22-37 years old, and they’re coming of age. They’re beginning to raise families and put down roots.

What makes life at Mizner the perfect place for this generation?

We caught up with Rob and Ashley Truett — real Millennials! The Truetts purchased a home at Mizner last March after a test drive, they rented at Mizner first. The Truetts have three children, all under 5 years old, including a newborn.

For them, community and convenience were key.

“We really liked the lifestyle,” said Rob. “For my wife, it was the sense of community. Some of the larger country clubs felt a bit more impersonal. The key for us was a smaller community where you get to know your neighbors. That’s what attracted us to Mizner.”

For a busy mom, having amenities on site, without having to drive from location to location makes life at Mizner an ideal lifestyle.

“Everything is at your fingertips,” said Ashely. “Right here’s the gym, the pool, the restaurant, it makes it so convenient — especially with kids.”

It also rang another bell for Rob, providing a work, life and play balance.

“For business, it’s great to bring some clients out to play golf on this beautiful course,” said Rob. “On a Saturday, it’s so convenient to go out and play golf. I hop in the cart and go play nine holes in an hour and a half. It makes it easy to balance family time, work time, and to find time to be healthy. I’ve found It’s that “work-life balance” right here at Mizner. Having the convenience of a country club, having amenities on site — it’s extremely beneficial.”

It Only Gets Better

The Truetts know that life at Mizner will only get better. Like all of their neighbors, they’re more than a little excited about the new Lifestyle Center. While it will have something for everyone, Millennials, in particular, should have an affinity for the amenities that match up with their priorities.

Millennials raising families will appreciate how Mizner has taken into account the ages and stages of the Mizner kids. Programming is specifically geared to pair appropriate activities to meet them at their level. As well, the Club hosts a plethora of activities for the entire family, all year round.