Table it! The Communal Table


Table it! The Communal Table

What’s the central design element at the new restaurant concept, opening this summer, you ask?

We caught up with architectural designer Pamela Manhas who has designed more than 100 restaurants — including Mizner’s, soon to be, Poolside Restaurant & Bar! She let us in on a sneak peek into one of the restaurant’s statement design elements. A literal representation of Mizner’s personalized and inclusive nature, The Communal Table.

Incorporating natural materials of wood and stone gives the interior space all the warmth you need to create a unique gathering place. The communal table is a big part of this.

“The table is a solid wood slab made from the trunk of a tree,” said Manhas “We took a four-inch thick slice out of it. It has a live edge on it.”

The large communal table serves as a central meeting place. Located immediately at the entry, the table is designed explicitly for the meet, greet and mingle. A perfect place for a wine tasting or to serve appetizers — A more social extension of the bar itself.

“Groups love to congregate here. It appeals to a younger demographic, they’re very popular. Since it’s right at the entry it’s the first stop, it’s where groups will meet up before dinner, it gives the room another dynamic.”

The communal table fits into the feel of the space by introducing an organic, natural element as a central piece of the architecture.

“It’s in the lounge area, and it has a great pool view, so it keeps that relationship between interior and exterior,” said Manhas.

Indoor-Outdoor and All Throughout the Poolside Restaurant & Bar…

It is that concept of indoor-outdoor living that Manhas says is all the rage.

“The indoor-outdoor bar configuration is amongst the most popular of all bar configurations, it’s certainly on-trend,” said Manhas. The beauty of the indoor-outdoor bar is the social connection between interior and exterior spaces and that openness it gives to the interior.”

That openness is a common theme throughout the new Lifestyle Center, which will soon become the central point for the community.