Trick-or-treat Etiquette: How to Be Spooky & Sweet


Trick-or-treat Etiquette: How to Be Spooky & Sweet

It’s the time of year when the streets become filled with movie characters, ghosts, goblins and animals. Every child (and adult) gets to venture beyond the norm for a night. And most importantly, we all get to chow down on delicious candy. Getting spooky doesn’t mean you can be a savage though, so try to keep to these simple guidelines in mind while trick-or-treating.

Lights On or Off

It’s universally known that lights on mean you’ve got the goods and lights off means you don’t. If you want to be part of Halloween festivities, be sure to light accordingly.

Be Courteous

If you’re going out with your children (or if you’re just feeling young at heart), remember that nobody likes a candy hog. Take a piece or two from the bowl, and move on! Save some for the other evening’s characters.

Pass Out the Compliments

Candy shouldn’t be the only thing collected on Halloween night. People put a lot of effort into their costume (especially the little ones!) so be sure to pass along some nice words about their creative garb. Even superheroes appreciate a compliment now and then!

Get the Whole Neighborhood Together

The more the merrier! Mizner Country Club makes it really easy to bring the neighborhood together during each holiday. For Halloween night, what’s better than a block party! Fun games, creative treats, and contests will all be part of the festivities. Get creative and have fun putting something together with neighbors for a spooktacular time.

Happy Halloween to all our friends and neighbors!