Wake Up Mizner!

Life at Mizner’s Exciting New Wifi Cafe

We’re reimagining life at Mizner by designing more than just aesthetically pleasing spaces. Instead, we’re planning a lifestyle with amenities built to fit the way you live; that flexes and adapts to fit you and your family as you go about your day.

A perfect example of this will be at the heart and soul of the future Lifestyle Center– the Wi-Fi Café.


The Café promises to be the central hub of activity because of the way it’s physically connected within the new Lifestyle Center.

Think of the Café as Mizner’s very own water cooler: the place where people come to slow down, catch up with friends, or make a quick stop to grab a snack to take on the go. Dream up a smoothie after a grueling workout, take it to go or take it poolside — it’s all about options and it’s all being visualized now.

Daniel Salgado, Clubhouse Manager, and his team are picturing the many possibilities for the Café. “We see it as a place where friends gather together for coffee, like the Central Perk on the TV show Friends,” said Salgado.

For Salgado, the Café’s potential is endless. He sees the Café as a bistro-style restaurant that’s all at once a cozy place to come for coffee, and a place to buy fresh, made to order healthy food, fast. Or maybe where to pick up the day’s healthy brown bag lunch to go for the kiddos.

For certain, it’ll be a juice and smoothie bar conveniently located next to the new fitness center, and at night….well, “we’re toying with the idea of an ice cream parlor, or a specialty coffee shop that dishes out fresh baked pastries.”

“Foodies, health nuts, or the kids — It’s a place for everyone,” said Salgado, “Everyone can relate.”

Any way you look at the new Café, it’s sure to be a mainstream gathering locale for real face time within the Mizner community.