Weekend Warriors Seeking a More Productive Swing

Physical Therapy at Mizner Works for You

Feeling a little achy? A little miserable? Maybe you push it over the weekends and on Mondays, you’re feeling it? The good news is you really don’t have to leave home to get relief, because right here at the Club, we have a team of skilled physical therapists who are ready to relieve your pain and improve your game. In fact, the onsite benefit has become more than popular because of the lifestyle of many outdoor enthusiasts at Mizner. The new Lifestyle Center will include a dedicated room to meet the demand.

Meet Kishna Sisca, PT, and Kim MacDonald, DPT your resident physical therapists. Each brings over 20 years of experience to the table. Both can help you recover from an injury and then train you, so you don’t reinjure yourself or avoid getting hurt in the first place.
“We do it all — sprains, strains and injuries,” said Kishna. “From pain in your back, neck, shoulders, ankles and everything in between, orthopedic and neurological, all sorts of pain.”

For members, Kishna said, “It’s all about meeting their inner warriors halfway.”
“We see it all the time, weekend warrior injuries,” said Kishna. “This happens because many people have sedentary jobs. Now they’re semi-retired or retired and have more time, so they’re more involved playing hours of tennis and golf on most days. Without proper attention to injury prevention, like warming up —injuries happen.”

She adds, “Our Mizner members are always on the go. They’re vibrant people who want to be in the game. Physical therapy can not only get you back in the game if you’ve been injured, but it can be your secret weapon for fueling your mad golf and tennis skills.”

“Out of the blue our patients notice that they’re just doing things better,” said Kishna. They’re moving through their days easier, their swing is better, or they’ve improved their serve.”

Stay tuned for more PT advice from Kishna coming your way.