Why Couples Are Saying I Do to an Exclusive Wedding at Mizner Country Club


Why Couples Are Saying I Do to an Exclusive Wedding at Mizner Country Club

Have you been googling ‘South Florida Wedding Venue’ so many times that it pops up in your browser as soon as you type in the S? Yet, the same venues show every time: that place where your college roommate was married, and your fiancé’s sister, your cousin Kathy, and the place where you attended your co-worker’s wedding?

Stop googling and give your fingers a rest. The perfect South Florida wedding venue is Mizner Country Club.

You found your soulmate. You’re engaged and you thought the hardest part was over. Now, you’re engulfed in the whirlwind of wedding planning and confounded in the search to find the perfect place to say I do.

We get it. You’re seeking a one-of-a-kind wedding venue that will let you tell your love story while expressing your unique personality.

“Mizner Country Club is the ideal place to host the wedding of your dreams,” said Kristy Jennings, Mizner Country Club’s Catering Sales Manager.

Here’s why.

Mizner Country Club — An Exclusive Private Club Offering Platinum Level Service

While many private country clubs are only accessible to members and their guests, Mizner Country Club is in a unique position to extend a private country club experience to non-members. Imagine having your wedding at a private country club where your celebration is the only one happening on that date.

“We feature one event per day,” said Kristy. “Our entire focus is devoted to our bride and groom. They are our VIP guests for that day.”

That VIP treatment includes dedicated space for the those in the wedding party to prepare for the upcoming festivities.

The ladies will love the extra-large Ladies area featuring extensive floor to ceiling mirrors where they can do their hair and makeup and get dressed.

The gentlemen have exclusive use of our lounge featuring a large screen television, and big comfy leather chairs to relax. Both parties will enjoy snacks and beverages while preparing and taking photos with family and friends before all of the guests arrive.

“Our brides and grooms are assigned their own personal assistant,” said Kristy. “We dedicate one server to each, and it is their responsibility to make sure that they have everything they need. Whether it’s something to eat, a specialty cocktail, or a cold bottle of water while they’re out taking photos. Our assistant will follow them around and take care of them. It’s all part of our package.”

It’s what makes Mizner truly unique — service.

If you’ve never experienced platinum level service, get ready to be spoiled rotten.

Mizner Country Club has earned Platinum Club status. As one of only 150 clubs in the country, it’s the highest form of recognition for private clubs in the nation. Platinum Club status is one of the most sought-after acknowledgments, absolutely revered in the private club industry.

It begins from the moment you arrive on premise; from the minute valet whisks away your car to our friendly staff that warmly greets each of your guests with champagne or sparkling water. It’s this meticulous, personalized commitment to service that sets Mizner apart from any other wedding venue.

All About Inclusiveness

Although we offer couples an exclusive experience, Mizner is all-inclusive.

We support marriage equality and warmly welcome the LGBT community. We also play host to all faiths and denominations.

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